Routine appointments

Routine appointments are arranged with the receptionist in advance by telephone or in person. These appointments are for a maximum of ten minutes. When one doctor is away, cover will be provided by the other doctor or by a locum.

Emergency surgery

Emergency surgeries are only at certain times during the week and do not have to be arranged in advance. These surgeries are only for urgent and sudden problems that may occur. You might not have a choice of doctor and the consultation time will be shorter. A further routine appointment may also need to be arranged.

Home visits

Requests for home visits should be made as early in the day as possible, usually before 10.30am. The doctor will decide if a home visit is appropriate or whether it would be better for you to attend the surgery, where there are more suitable facilities and equipment.

Home visits are very time consuming and the doctor may telephone back to discuss requests for a visit. Lack of transport is not a valid reason for a home visit and sick children should almost always be brought to the surgery.

Please remember

  • On Tuesday afternoons the surgery is closed from 12pm.
  • Please do not turn up during normal surgery times for an emergency appointment, as these times are set aside for patients who have booked routine appointments.
  • The receptionists are not trained to tell you whether to attend an emergency surgery or book a routine surgery appointment. However the doctor will inform you if the correct appointment has been attended.