Practice Policies and Private Fees

Change of address and new registrations policy

Dr. Sayers and Dr. Romans take pride in offering you a personal and local GP service. Due to being a 2-person partnership, we need protect the surgery in the event of 1 person being ill long-term. In this regard the surgery boundary has reduced over time, which affords us some protection in limiting requests for new registration, which cannot be turned down when our list is open and the request comes from within our boundary. We recognise this puts some patients who are already accepted on our list, outside of our boundary. If this affects you – please be advised you will remain on our list unless you move home. If you move home your new address must be within our boundary, otherwise you will be required to re-register with an alternative surgery. Exceptions will apply for palliative care. We also recognise the importance of a family doctor service and it makes sense for all family members of a household to be registered with the same GP – this will be allowed for properties outside of our boundary where other family members are already registered on our list.

To register with us, new patients must be within our boundary OR living with family where a family member at that address is our patient.

To remain registered with us following a change of address, the new address must be within our boundary.

We recognise that this means for some patients just a short-distance house move can take you off our list. We apologise for the distress this may cause. Neither Dr. Romans nor Dr. Sayers wish to cause this distress. However, it is in our opinion most important to protect the longevity of our practice. It’s also unfair if we apply this policy inconsistently by making ad hoc exceptions and for this reason will not do this. We are happy to help you transfer your care where this is a cause for concern.

Fees For Private Services

For non-NHS services, we charge either small or proportionate fees. This is to cover the additional administrative and GP time involved.

Letter for travel re drugs£  5.00
Certificates/letters/statements of fact£20.00
Private referral letter£20.00
Certificate of Incapacity – work/school/exams£20.00
Driving Licence countersignature£20.00
Holiday cancellation form£20.00
Fit to Fly£20.00
Private healthcare claim form£20.00
Passport countersignature£20.00
Private prescriptions (inc. malaria)£10.00
Private consultation£35.00
Fitness to drive – taxi£50.00
Fitness to drive – HGV£95.00
Photocopy – per sheet45p
Court of Protection – variableFrom £80.00
Insurance medical reports (GPR)Variable from £50.00
Extra information requestedVariable – request fee from GP
Fostering medicalsVariable from £90.00
Adoption medicalsVariable from £90.00
WSCC adoption medicalsObtain up to date fee from WSCC