Covid Vaccination Update

Dear Patients,

Thanks so much for bearing with us whilst we having been pushing on with Covid vaccinations. Cornerways works with three other surgeries (The Strand, Worthing Medical Group and Seldon) in a group called a Primary Care Network. There are three Primary Care Networks in Worthing and they have been working together on this vaccination effort. We have created a page for updates on our website here. We have now vaccinated most of groups 1-4 (either via The Strand vaccination site, or by home visits) and are recalling those who didn’t respond or couldn’t make it. We regularly run searches to make sure we don’t miss anyone and contact you by phone or text to book your appointment (note we never ask for bank details or invite you to any site other than The Strand). You might get an invite (via letter) to one of the large national vaccination centres (there is one in Brighton) – you are welcome to accept this as an alternative to the GP-organised vaccination effort. We hope you all keep well and are ready to help when needed.

The Cornerways Surgery Team

Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics

Clinics will be commencing in January 2021. Given the scale needed for the Covid-19 vaccination programme, patients will be contacted by an outside organisation on behalf of the surgery by phone call or text message to be offered and booked into a clinic.

You will never be asked for anything other than a few personal details to confirm your identification and you will certainly never be asked for anything financial.

The first patients to be contacted will be those aged over 80. The clinics offered would be held locally in Worthing. We will not be handling these clinics initially at this surgery.

The vaccine is only available on the NHS and the NHS will contact you when it is your turn.