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Covid Vaccine Boosters & Third Doses; Flu Update

We continue to work with three other local surgeries to deliver Covid Vaccinations via The Strand Surgery building. There are two important updates
(1) Boosters – these are offered to those over 50 (or 16+ with specific health conditions) once you are at least 6-months after your 2nd dose.
(2) “3rd dose” – this refers to (specific) immunosuppressed individuals who will be identified shortly through both hospital consultants and searches on GP records (not done yet). A 3rd dose will be offered once you are at least 8 weeks after your 2nd dose.

Confusingly, many of you have received letters from the National Booking Service for your Booster / 3rd dose. This may be a text, email or letter. If you try to book you’re offered e.g. Brighton i.e. not a local option. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE UP THIS OFFER FROM THE NATIONAL SERVICE. You will most definitely be invited by us for a local vaccination once you are eligible. Given the national letters/texts/emails have caused some confusion, we’ve sorted it out so that if you receive such a letter, you may instead call 0333 370 4111 and book your booster / 3rd dose locally at The Strand.

It’s quite frustrating the confusion the national invites have caused, since these appear to have in some instances been sent out days/weeks before you are eligible, and therefore before you receive a local invite. Unfortunately we had no warning of this. Rest assured we will invite you locally, and now you can call the local number if you get the national invite letter but want to book locally.

Ps. Thank you for turning up to our walk-through flu clinics – we managed to use almost all of our vaccine stock within one week of receiving them! We have due some over 50s flu vaccines at the end of October and have asked if we can get hold of more over 65s flu vaccines. Again, we will be in contact very promptly (texts if you have a mobile on file, phone call if you don’t) once these have arrived. Best wishes, Dr. Romans & Dr. Sayers