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Covid & Flu Boosters


We have released more clinic slots for your jabs:
4th & 18th October: 65 & overs (on 31/03/23)
11th October: Under 65 who are in an at-risk group

Links to self-book have been sent to everyone with a mobile.
During week commencing Monday 3rd October we’ll be phoning all those eligible in the above groups who do not have a mobile number recorded.

We have created nearly enough slots for everyone, and will release more if there is demand for this. After completing the above risk groups we’ll move onto those aged 50 to 64 eligible for flu and Covid by age only.

For our housebound patients, 30 vaccines were delivered yesterday, and we plan to contact the remaining patients to provide vaccinations on Friday 7th October.

Please try to book into these walk -through clinics as they are very time efficient. Organising individual vaccines in surgery is far harder, especially as covid vaccine vials contain 5 or 6 doses and must all be used quickly once opened.

Thank you, the Cornerways Team

Covid & Flu Boosters

Our first walk-through clinic of the year yesterday went very well! We are now organising more clinics and will send out invites by text (for most) or call you (or you call us) shortly. It’s been extremely helpful those with mobiles booking online so please do this if you can. Please bear with us for 1-2 days more whilst we organise the extra clinics then we will text those that need to book in & update our website for those who want to phone us. Thank you, Cornerways Team

Covid & Flu Boosters

We are booking in Covid and Flu boosters by invite-only. We’re prioritizing the over 65s and housebound initially and sending self-book invites by mobile. Please be patient and wait for us to contact you. If your mobile is not up to date or we don’t have it – let us know – it saves us lots of time. We will also telephone those without mobiles and book you in too. We’ll use our clinic on the 27th to judge the amount of time we need going forward per patient, then will release more appointments on the 28th September, when we’ll send another invite-only link out. If you / your relative / cared for person is over 65 and doesn’t have a mobile, you are welcome to call us from 28th September, though be assured we’ll call you if you don’t call us. We’ll get through everyone, we just need some time!

When it comes to your appointment, you can’t have your Covid booster if you’ve had Covid within 4 weeks, or if you currently have a fever. Please cancel your appointment in advance if this affects you, so we can offer the slot to someone else, and not waste vaccine.

Thank you! The Cornerways Team