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Practice Manager at Cornerways Surgery

Update on Replacement GP as at 4.7.2019

There is no sign of a replacement GP for Dr. Hardwick.

If you were registered with Dr. Hardwick and need to see the same doctor for continuity, we are sorry but there is no capacity to do that for so many patients.  You may need to consider registering with one of the other Worthing practices to receive that service.

We are running longer emergency surgeries, longer day surgeries, opening at 7.30am once a week and employing locums each day.  The locums are not able to do the paperwork, nor prescribing.

The medium term plan is to recruit.  However, at some stage if that remains impossible, we might have to remove some ex-Hardwick patients, and that would start with those living outside the practice area to make the workload more manageable.  We wish to be as open as possible about this and it is far from ideal.

We were promised 5000 more GPs by the Government in 2015 – however there are now less GPs than there were in 2015.

Dr. R. Sayers