Care Quality Commission Update

Dear Patients,

Cornerways Surgery was inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in April 2022 and their report has just been published. Please see here for the full report details. We’d like to thank you for engaging so well in providing feedback for this inspection, with ‘exceptionally positive feedback from patients’ and ‘timely patient access to services and appointments’ identified as areas of outstanding practice. However, we are required to improve overall. This means the CQC will check within a year that we have made the changes suggested, and then re-rate the practice. The required improvements are around governance (policies), who performs our safety audits, management of safety alerts, re-checking registration details of clinicians on an annual basis and keeping updated records of staff vaccinations. We can assure you our policies are now up to date, we have had an external fire safety audit and will have a further external health & safety audit, all clinicians are indeed still registered without restrictions to practice (and we will check this annually as per requirements) and we now have records of staff vaccinations. Safety alerts continue to be acted upon promptly, and we have increased the robustness of our system by (i) running a suite of safety searches monthly and (ii) employing a clinical pharmacist to keep oversight of this system. Furthermore, whilst we had a system in place to record significant events and discuss within the team informally, there is now a formal policy and learning will be shared internally and externally (to other local practices) and documented. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions. If you’d like to see how you rated us, please view the national GP Patient Survey Results here (you scored us higher than the CCG average in every question). We are grateful to the CQC for their inspection and highlighting areas we can improve and are confident we will receive a satisfactory re-inspection shortly.
Thank you, Dr. Romans & Dr. Sayers