Update on Appointments at Cornerways Surgery – June 2021

We hope you are all keeping well. Cornerways like all GP surgeries has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic out of necessity. We are sorry we cannot offer the emergency walk-in clinics previously provided due to ongoing need to facilitate social distancing in our small waiting room. To help us with this, it’s preferable for you to contact us by phone or even digitally (via eConsult 24/7 on our website www.cornerwayssurgery.com). All patients will then have a telephone appointment with their GP (almost always the same day). If you need a face to face appointment your GP will book this for you and that too is usually available the same day. This procedure has worked well over the past year to keep the surgery and other patients safe.

If you have difficulty with either phoning us or using eConsult to organise your telephone appointment, you may come to the surgery to organise it. As we are not providing walk-in clinics you would need to return home after the booking. Coming into the surgery to book your appointment will be the exception rather than the rule but we appreciate not everyone can manage to use the phone or internet.

When attending the surgery in person it’s very useful for us if you wear a mask before entering to help keep you and others safe. The reception staff have been trained to follow our protocols as above and have been asked to remind you to wear a mask if you forget.

Repeat prescription requests can be made using the NHS App https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/online-services/nhs-app/ (this is the most efficient method), or in writing via our website https://cornerwayssurgery.com/request-medication/ or posting in our letterbox. Some chemists offer to help request medication for you (this is a little less efficient and sometimes they charge a fee). Phone requests are more error-prone in translation so we don’t take these. 

Thank you so much for adapting to the changes that have been necessary over the last year and we hope you are all okay.

With best wishes,

Dr. Sayers & Dr. Romans