Type 1 Opt-Out

The data held in your GP medical record is shared with other healthcare professionals for the purposes of your individual care.

It is also shared with other organisations to support health and care planning and research. If you do not want your personally identifiable patient data to be shared outside of your GP practice for purposes except your own care you can register a Type 1 Opt-Out. If you would like to register this please print off, complete and return the form below to the surgery.

This prevents any information leaving the surgery clinical system from the date you register your Type 1 Opt-Out with the surgery. NHS Digital propose to extract this information from September, 2021. This, however, does not prevent any information already held by NHS Digital from being used for planning and research. To register for this option which is called the National Data Opt-Out you will need to visit http://www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters or telephone 0300 303 5678. Further details and information can be found at https://digital.nhs.uk/your-data/opting-out-of-data-sharing. Please note that a Type 1 Opt-Out cannot be registered via the NHS App.