Surgery Update

Cornerways Surgery         12th October 2019


We have not been able to recruit a new GP and were unable to negotiate with another surgery to provide regular doctors to look after Dr Hardwick’s list.

We will have managed six months without Dr Hardwick by the end of the year and have been searching for a replacement since we knew he was retiring. I start earlier, finish later, work more sessions and that is fine, but I am unable to do that forever.

The current list size is 3607 – the average list size per GP in England is 1900.  In the current circumstances, for the practice to survive and be maintained at a safe and manageable level for a single handed GP, the list size needs to be in the region of 2500.

To this end, we would ask that patients who were formerly registered with Dr. Hardwick seek voluntary re-registration with another local practice who can provide continuity of care for their health needs.  Former patients of Dr. Hardwick who remain registered with this practice will be seen generally by locums in the practice.

We are sorry that we have to ask this of patients and this decision has not been taken lightly but we feel for the surgery to survive this is the only course of action that we can take until a replacement can be found.

Dr. R. Sayers