Referral Support Team

When you need to be seen by a specialist, Cornerways Surgery is committed to ensuring that whenever possible you receive a timely outpatient appointment at a provider of your choice.

To help you to make the most appropriate choice, we are working with a Referral Support Team.

After you have seen your GP and together you have agreed that you need to be referred for specialist treatement, Cornerways Surgery will forward your referral to the team of Referral Support Team at NHS West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group who, using the e-Referral System (formally Choose & Book) will help you to make an informed choice.  In accordance with the NHS Constitution, you have the right to choose when and where you wish to be treated and in a timely manner.

Your GP will provide you with a booking card and a telephone number for you to contact the team.  You are then asked to contact the Referral Support Team five days after seeing your GP so they can work with you to book your appointment.

Following discussion with you, the Referral Support Team will send your referral on to the hospital or community provider of your choice, who will then contact you to confirm your appointment.  If you do not make contact with the Referral Support Team within 10 days of the team receiving your referral then an appointment may be booked for you.

If you have any concerns or questions about your information being passed to the Referral Support Team then please speak to a member of the practice team.  Information will only be shared when you have agreed with your GP that a referral is the best course of action.